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Knit One, Study Too - College Knitting
By college knitters, for college knitters. :)
intro post! 
22nd-Jan-2012 11:11 am
Hi! I'm Andy, new to the community but not to college and knitting. Am a third year in English Philology at the University of Tampere in Finland (yeah, that little fleck of snowy awfulness wedged between Sweden and Russia. But hey, at least I've got an excuse to knit a shit ton of scarves and mittens, eh?) and have been knitting for... Well, I guess I started when I was 8 years old, but after an twelve-year hiatus I re-found knitting last year and am getting more and more excited by the day. I'm currently finishing up a hot pink pullover in some very lovely 100% wool, maybe I'll post a picture here once I'm finished!

This seems like a fun community, shame that it's been so quiet recently. *frowny face*
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