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Knit One, Study Too - College Knitting
By college knitters, for college knitters. :)
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24th-Jan-2009 09:59 pm - Another FO - Finally!
These are a (very very) belated Chrismahanukkwanziyule gift for my friend at college.

They're the Knucks pattern from Knitty. They're supposed to say "Knockout," which is the name of a comic that she draws.

I'm so excited, I finally managed to finish one of my projects, for once!
20th-Dec-2008 08:22 am - Help!
I'm making a shawl for my Grandma for Christmas and when I got up to leave for Florida today the book was gone. Vanished, eaten, or possibly left at school. Either way, does anyone know where one can find an online version of this? I need the pattern on the cover, I'm pretty sure it's called Thinking of You.

Thank you!
14th-Aug-2008 04:12 pm(no subject)
 i realize most college's arent in session yet, but i wanted to post here, since no one has in a while.

this summer i started to knit the "cleave" from knitty.com i got it all done mid july and had to tear it up and start again because i could have fit 2 of me in it. i was almost done again, and then left one of the sleaves in my mother's car and i dont live at home anymore, i live 2.5 hours away. 
so to keep my fingers busy i am now knitting a floppy sun hat =p

anyone else have summer projects going?
3rd-Jun-2008 09:31 pm - Finished Knitting Project!
So, I finally finished a knitting project! I picked up a glove that I had on the needles this weekend (they had been on there for ages), and finished knitting them up.

The pattern is Knitty's Fetching.

They're knit on size 6 DPNs using a wool yarn (I don't have the tag with me). I strung beads onto the yarn before beginning, so the beads are knitted into the gloves -- there's a bead between each of the second cables on the cuff, and there are beads on the knuckles on the back of each.

I did modify the pattern a bit so that the left and right thumbs would mirror one another.

Picture behind the cut.Collapse )

Incidentally, they match a handbag I made a couple years ago, so I'll stick that picture in as well. (It was knit on size eight circulars using a pattern from Stitch 'n Bitch.)

Pictures behind the cut.Collapse )

Although the pictures don't look like it, they're all knit from the same yarn, so they're the same color green, lol. The closest to the true color is probably the first picture of the handbag.
25th-May-2008 09:51 pm - Circular Needle Recs
Hello, fellow knitters!

I would like to attempt a pair of two-at-a-time socks, so I need a set of circular needles in size U.S. #1, but my favorite knitting needle brand (Clover) doesn't make circular needles in sizes smaller than U.S. #3.

Does anyone have a favorite brand that does make smaller-sized circular needles that they would like to recommend? I would prefer bamboo/wooden needles, if possible.


23rd-May-2008 04:48 pm - Introductions
Salutations, my fellow knitters!

I'm a senior in college, majoring in marine biology. I decided to pick a warm and sunny location for my studies (Florida) so unfortunately (or fortunately ?) much of my knitting is sent back north for use by family and friends.

I taught myself to knit during a car trip to Maine 4 years ago, but I haven't really branched out much from knitting rectangles of various sizes.

I'm currently trying to use up my yarn stash before I purchase anymore, which means cannibalizing an unfinished and poorly thought-out project.

8th-Apr-2008 08:39 am - I call upon you knitters for help...
Some time ago I bought two moderately expensive hanks of Louet Euroflax Originals in Emerald Green. It is 100% wet spun linen and I have 2 hanks equaling 540 yards. I bought this originally for a crochet project, but I no longer can use it for the original project as the intended recipient has told me she detests the color. (It is rather different than it appears on the website photo.)

Anyhow, I am now looking for a new use for this yarn. I was wondering if anyone has used this yarn before. I was thinking a use something similar to this, but having never used linen yarn before, I'm not sure if it would be appropriate. I will consider making anything, (even crochet) for this yarn was expensive and I do not want it to go to waste.

Thanks in advance for all the help. I really enjoy this community from the FOs to the troubleshooting to the entertaining anecdotes. I love you guys!

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29th-Mar-2008 11:57 pm(no subject)
I spend Saturdays hanging out at my local yarn shop, knitting, since I find it incredibly relaxing, and distracting from all the craziness about.

The Knit Shop! I
Anyway - This is a our project table, everything wonderful is on it.

The Knit Shop! II
Cathy the proprietress reigns supreme over the mess.

Oh, and I found out I have to start my felted laptop case all over again, from the top since intarsia is a technique for the mad.
10th-Mar-2008 09:40 pm(no subject)
So - Today was the first day of crunch time that I road the bus and didn't have knitting in my hands. (I'd say it's been a standing two week ritual to throw down a couple stitches on the bus, ever morning.) And it was stressful! My paper-exam-test anxiety came crashing down on me. Highly scary stuff. Even though my LYS hasn't got my wool in yet (My next project is a felted laptop case.) I'm thinking of casting on a silly scarf with some stash wool, just to keep my hands going on the bus.
7th-Mar-2008 08:59 pm - Searching for a pattern
landers with horns
I hope someone can help me.
I'm looking for a pattern for a lizard or a dragon. It seems almost impossible to find, but I have faith in my fellow knitters.
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